The Secret

by cyop&kaf
documentary, Italy, 2013, 89'

Directed by cyop&kaf
Production Quore Spinato, Parallelo 41, Napoli Monitor, Antonella Di Nocera, Daria D’Antonio
Story Luca Rossomando
Editing Alessandra Carchedi
Cinematography Ciro Malatesta
Sound Massimo Mariani
Sound editing and mixing Massimo Mariani
Color correction Daria D’Antonio
Music Enzo Avitabile
With Ivano Calabria, Luigi Provenzano, Antonio D’Amato, Mimmo Russo, Emanuele Criscuolo, Salvatore Di Matteo, i ragazzi del quartiere/kids of the neighborhood la Torretta, Gennaro Picco, Salvatore Nocerino, Francesco Albinni, Ferdinando De Crescenzo, Emanuele Pio Adamo, Godwin Kofi «Emanuele» Boateng, Francesco Verrano
Distribution Lab80 film

In many quarters of Naples the collection of the spruces for the bonfires of Saint Anthony is a tradition, a ritual, an adventurous game that the kids pass down from generation to generation. For those who look at it from the outside, it may just appear as a sequence of acts of vandalisms and yelling till night, that ends with a dangerous fire, too close to the buildings.
We wanted to tell about what happens in many streets around the city in January, from a point of view that’s the closest to the one of a bunch of kids. Following them in their hunt, their coalitions and tiffs between gangs, observing their behaviours, their language, their codes of conduct. We were sure that all the questions that we’ve been having from a long time, and that are necessarily, about the connection between the city and the children, would have come out spontaneously. your social media marketing partner


Awards and Festivals

  • David di Donatello 2014 - Nomination Miglior documentario
  • Cinémaduréel 2014 - Premio JorisIvens Miglior Opera Prima e Menzione Speciale Giuria dei giovani
  • Pravo Ljudski Film Festival 2014, Sarajevo - Premio Extra Muros
  • DocLisboa 2014 - Menzione speciale
  • Torino Film Festival 2013 - Menzione speciale della giuria e Premio UCCA
  • Euganea film festival - Menzione speciale
  • Napoli Film Festival 2014 - Miglior doc e Vesuvio award
  • Sciacca Film Festival 2014 - Miglior doc
  • Nomination - Premio Doc/it Professional award
  • Faito Doc Fest 2014 - Menzione speciale
  • ronteira International Festival of Documentary and Experimental Film 2014 - Premio speciale della giuria
  • Bellaria Film Festival 2014 - Menzione speciale Gianni Volpi, Premio Casa Rossa Doc
  • Festival Terra di Cinema Tremblay-en-France 2014 - Miglior documentario
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