La folla nel cuore (The Crowd in the Heart)

written by Isabella Mari and Marina Rippa
documentary, Italy, 60’

The film is a story of fortitude, told through the eyes of the women of Forcella. These women participate in a theatre course lead by Marina Rippa. Over the years, the course has become a safe haven and also an imaginative journey for them: a place where they can meet and talk; where they tell their stories and open up to each other, without the baggage of family and social duties, safe in the knowledge that they are sheltered from spying and judging eyes; a place where they can show the beauty of their bodies and shut out everything else, where they can challenge the handed-down rules that have imprisoned them for a lifetime. When they act and dance, they become like Charon's red eyes in the dark; you can’t help but be entranced by their dervish-like dancing, resembling an inarticulate wave of joy, as inarticulate and joyous as women's lives can unexpectedly be. Today’s workshop is just the last piece in a huge jigsaw puzzle of women's stories: the stories of those women who have been part of Marina's projects for more than 25 years with the crowd in their hearts.

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