La Giunta (The Red Mayor)

by Alessandro Scippa
Documentary, Italy, 70’

Written and Directed by Alessandro Scippa
Special guest Renato Carpentieri
Produced by Antonella Di Nocera
Editing Mauro Santini
Director of Photography Giancarlo Cardillo
Music Canio Lo Guercio e Leandro Sorrentino
Production Parallelo 41 Produzioni
In collaborazione con la Fondazione Valenzi
With the support of Fondo Cinema Regione Campania 2020

The film draws on voices, archive material and personal and collective memories as it recounts the story of the Valenzi administrations in Napoli, the first “red” mayor of the city of Napoli. From 1975 to 1983, with his charismatic figure and his councillors were planted the seeds for a new idea of the city, which at that time still bore the marks and scars of the post-war period. In the folds of the story also emerges the story of a "communist” family in which a father partly sacrificed his emotional life for politics and the wider community. The great innovation  of that experience, which aimed at a more civilized, European and productive city, was the unprecedented and passionate involvement of the population in the city’s politics and administration. And at that time, the rift between the bourgeoisie and the working classes seemed to be closing over. your social media marketing partner
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