by Gianluca Loffredo
documentary, Italy/Argentina, 2011, 52'

Directed by Gianluca Loffredo
Production Dabar Film, Parallelo 41, Mediatica “IL MONELLO”, Audioimage
With Vicente e Anna Maria Bottiglieri
Story and Screenplay Gianluca Loffredo, Carmela Covino
Editing Gianluca Loffredo
Cinematography Gianluca Loffredo
Sound Davide Mastropaolo, Leandro Sorrentino
Music Frame

This film is a diary of a voyage on a cargo ship, from Hamburg to Buenos Aires. An escape from land, where the memories always come back stronger. The farther one gets from land, the more one wants to return to it. The more time spent on land, the stronger the desire to be at sea. This is the life of a sailor. It's a film set at sea that speaks of land. A real and metaphorical trip, dealing with the universal human sentiment: the desire to be someplace else. your social media marketing partner
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