by Doriana Monaco
documentary, Italy, 2020, 54’

a production by Parallelo 41 and Ladoc  with MANN - Museo Archeologico Nazionale di Napoli
with funding and assistance from Regione Campania and Fondazione Film Commission Regione Campania
film developed in Filmap – Atelier di cinema del reale - Arci Movie
story, photography and direction Doriana Monaco
with the voices of Sonia Bergamasco and Fabrizio Gifuni
produced by Antonella Di Nocera and Lorenzo Cioffi
editor Enrica Gatto
live sound recording Filippo Maria Puglia and Rosalia Cecere
sound editing and mixing Rosalia Cecere
color correction Simona Infante
original music Adriano Tenore
executive producers Lorenzo Cioffi and Armando Andria
office at Parallelo 41 Grazia De Micco and Claudia Canfora
assistant directors Marie Audiffren and Ennio Donato
assistant editor Rosa Maietta
additional photography Luca Scarparo and Martin Errichiello
graphics Andrea Cioffi
poster photo by Lorenzo Ceretta of the artwork Linee del tempo by Francesco Candeloro

Naples. In the deceptive stillness of the great Bourbon edifice that houses the National Archaeological Museum, a frenetic buzz of activity breathes new life into statues, frescoes, mosaics and exhibits of various kinds. The film observes everyday occurrences in the museum, focusing on the daily lives of staff who tackle minutely delicate tasks that require time, care and constant attention. The works, which have lived and resounded for centuries, are monitored as though they were living bodies. All this happens while visitors arrive from all over the world, thronging the various exhibition halls under the seemingly impassive gaze of the works that are both actors and spectators in the great human endeavour. In all this, the museum emerges as a great productive entity, revealing its nature as a material and intellectual site of works. Agalma (from the Greek for “statue” or “image”) captures the beauty of the museum, evidenced not only in its enchanting display of classical art, but also in the intimate and otherwise invisible relationships that unfold within it: the secret and continually renewed relationship between the visitors and the wonders of Greco-Roman antiquity; the impassioned breath of those who plan the everyday life of the museum. your social media marketing partner

Awards and Festivals

  • 17. Giornate degli Autori - Venice Day at 77. Venice Film Festival
  • Venezia a Roma - Cinema Farnese
  • 25. Artecinema, Napoli 2020
  • ARCHEOCINEMANN - Festival internazionale del cinema di Archeologia, Arte e Ambiente (Napoli)
  • Rassegna Il cinema che non si vede a cura di UCCA (online)
  • 12. Italian film festival Minneapolis (online)
  • 56. AFO - International Festival of Science Documentary Films Academia Film Olomouc (online)
  • Rassegna Il Cinema del pensiero (Napoli, online)
  • 6. IsReal Festival del cinema del reale (Nuoro)
  • Anteprima Napoli-Auditorium e del Mann
  • ARCHEOVISION - European Archeological Film Festival con l’Istituto italiano di Tirana
  • Social world film festival (Vico Equense)
  • Rassegna Cinema al femminile tra Italia e Francia (Napoli)
  • Rassegna Foqus Estate a Corte (Napoli)
  • San Diego Film Festival con l’Istituto italiano di cultura di Los Angeles (online)
  • Istituto italiano di cultura di Rio de Janeiro (online)
  • RAM-Rovereto Archeologia Memorie Film Festival
  • Istituto italiano di cultura di Parigi
  • ItalyOnStage con l’Istituto italiano di cultura di Atene (online)
  • 2. ALTROSGUARDO - Teatro Civico 14 Spazio (Caserta)
  • 25. PriMed-Festival de la Méditerranée en images (Marsiglia)
  • Cinema Vittoria di Napoli, february 2022
  • Cinema Teatro Ricciardi di Capua, february 2022
  • Cinema Duel, Caserta, february 2022


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