The Gospel according to Ciretta

by Caroline von der Tann
documentary Italy/Germany, 2024, 73’

produced by Antonella Di Nocera
with Ciro Granada “Ciretta”
and with Giuseppina Andelora “Perzechella”, Angelo Picone “Capitano”, Angelo Giordano
editing and color correction Simona Infante
sound editing and mix Rosalia Cecere
development coordinator Claudia Canfora
Parallelo 41 Produzioni team Grazia De Micco, Isabella Mari, Irene Pompeo
associate producer Oliver Schündler
graphic design Laura Falleti
poster photo courtesy of Yang Gröttrup
a Parallelo 41 production with Lucky Bird Pictures
with the contribution of Regione Campania and Fondazione Film Commission Regione Campania

Ciretta is a young guy caught between his huge talent and his own personal abyss. Cocooned in his own world of religion, fantasy and invention, he adores Our Lady of Sorrows - despite being a petty crook and a former prostitute. His makeshift home is a temporarily closed down theater in the historic center of Naples. Here he and Angelo Giordano, an elderly homeless man, benefit from the hospitality of Perzechella and Capitano, a couple who helped the poor and the homeless during Covid lockdown by lowering baskets of food from their balcony. This encounter with an hitherto unknown world leaves a deep impression on Ciretta.

Blessed with an extraordinary voice and performing talent, Ciretta decides to organize a big procession for his beloved Madonna and starts raising money by singing and performing on the streets and selling lighters. Now his thoughts are focused on commissioning his own full-size statues of the Madonna and the Dead Christ. But devastating news arrives. The theater place has been sold and its new owner wants to turn it into yet another B&B in the historic center of Naples. Perzechella and Capitano start fighting against their imminent eviction. After Ciretta’s extraordinary procession has taken place, Perzechella sets up a little chocolate production in their theater space in order to earn some money. With eviction pending, Ciretta’s main concern is the whereabouts of his Madonna. Will they succeed in their attempt to fight eviction? Will the old ways of Naples survive in a new world buffeted by tourism and real estate speculation? your social media marketing partner

Awards and Festivals

  • Thessaloniki Documentary Film Festival - Agora Docs In progress 2023 / Neaniko Plano Award
  • Biografilm Festival Bologna 2023 - Bio to B Industry Days / Top Doc Special Mention


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