by Francesco Di Leva
fiction, experimental, Italy, 2017, 13’

A production by Parallelo 41 Produzioni with Terranera
produced by Francesco Di Leva, Adriano Pantaleo and Antonella Di Nocera
written and directed Francesco Di Leva
screenplay Francesco Di Leva, Ciro Petrone
with Francesco Di Leva, Ciro Petrone
with the friendly participation of Sergio Rubini, Nicola Di Pinto
editing Gianluca Paoletti
music Francesco Forni
sound Stefano Grosso
scenography Carmine Guarino
assistant director Giuseppe Miale di Mauro
production director Giuseppe Gaudino
photographer and graphic Carmine Luino
costume design Giovanna Napolitano
press office Valeria Aiello
Recognized film of cultural interest with economic contribution of the Ministry for Cultural Heritage and Tourism and Tourism Cinema Directorate General


What is the thirst for power? An aberration or a basic human instinct? Ciccio “O' Pazz” and Ciruzzo “Pesce bello”, are two powerful, blood-soaked underworld characters. The legacy left to them was thus: a violent, depraved narrative of murderous dominion over the weak. But still, enemies muscling their way into this realm of the wretched. These apparently harmless enemies are nevertheless viewed as potential usurpers by Ciccio and Ciruzzo, who, alienated by their imposed surroundings, develop a deep paranoia towards two animals ... These “enemies” are Severino the Donkey, leader of the famous donkeys of Campu Perdu, and Piero the Boar, top boar around the Olive field area. The day of reckoning is near. There has to be a showdown. They have to get rid of the two animals. There's no way around it. A letter is delivered. A Pinter-like ultimatum with a crystal-clear demand: it's you or us. Men or animals. Coexistence is out of the question. Power has room for only one big chief. The final, inevitable apocalypse draws near. In this particular world - even if it's just a patch of land in the sea – there can be one master and one master alone. It’s like a stand-off from an old western, against the backdrop of a scorched Sardinian landscape. Then two figures spring out of nowhere; it's unclear whether they really exist. They recite verses from the Oresteia, the use of which serves the purposes of the story and gives weight to the impending showdown. The death of two animals consecrates the absolute power of the humans. As the victors awake the next day, in that little world, in that little patch of land, peace and tranquillity reign supreme. Finally, they are the absolute masters. But history teaches us that there have never been two masters, that power is a solitary endeavour. This is the thought that burrows into the brain of Ciccio ‘o Pazzo: two is not a perfect number. “Me alone! It has to be me alone! The world is mine!” your social media marketing partner


Awards and Festivals

  • Nastro d’argento Corti del futuro 2018 for innovation
  • Best film of Mediterraneo XV International Journalism& Art Award 2017 Unione Nazionale Cronisti Italiani
  • Settimana della critica di Venezia 2017
  • MiBest short film Gran Galà of fiction in Campania 2017


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