by Ylenia Azzurretti

 Volturno by Ylenia Azzurretti
  • documentary, Italy, 2017, 42’
  • Film developed as part of FILMaP - Atelier di cinema del reale
  • Written and Directed by
    Ylenia Azzurretti
  • Production
    Arci Movie – FilmaP e Parallelo 41 produzioni, con Bronx Film
  • With
    Antonio Di Iorio, Castrese Papa, Alessio Usai
  • Editing
    Rosa Maietta
  • Cinematography
    Vincenzo Riccio
  • Music
    Rosalie Cecere
  • Sound and mixing
    Giacomo Rende
  • Editing supervisor and color correction
    Simona Infante
  • Artistic supervision
    Romano Montesarchio
  • Produced by
    Antonella Di Nocera
  • Associate producer
    Gaetano Di Vaio
  • Collaborators to production
    Serena Brancuti Monaco, Irene della Volpe, Grazia De Micco
  • Synopsis

    “The murmuring river passes. And that which doesn’t pass belongs to us, not the river”. A delicate blend of simple and inward looking stories, echoes that reveal nature: the Volturno.  A tale of images interwoven with the river that ceaselessly flows through Molise and Campania; among forgotten provinces, fragile skeletal territories, unfathomable and often voiceless; a story of the few men and the many creatures that inhabit it and still interact with a waterway that has always represented life itself. 



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