Open to the public

by Silvia Bellotti

 Open to the public by Silvia Bellotti
  • Italy, 2017, 60’
  • Film developed as part of FILMaP - Atelier di cinema del reale
  • Story, Cinematography, Directed by
    Silvia Bellotti
  • Production
    Parallelo 41/Arci Movie e Rai Cinema
  • Assistant director
    Claudia Brignone
  • Editing
    Lea Dicursi
  • Sound
    Eduardo Di Pietro, Giovanni Sorrentino, Claudia Brignone
  • Color correction
    Simona Infante
  • Sound editing and mixing
    Marco Saitta
  • Produced by
    Antonella Di Nocera
  • Translation
    Aidan Mac Cann
  • Subtitles
    Raggio Verde - Roma
  • Synopsis

    The Independent Institute for Public Housing (IACP) of Naples employs about 100 people. Every Tuesday and Friday, when the offices are open to the public, employees receive users who live in the 40,000 dwellings managed by the Institute. It’s not always easy to pinpoint the right procedures for dealing with requests and the office is often the scene of some very lively discussions. Other times, however, the personal stories and passionate entreaties of the appellants soften even the most hard-hearted officials, convincing them do what they can to ease the wheels of bureaucracy. At those times the rooms of the Institute become a stage where everyone tries their utmost to achieve their goals and get a bit of understanding.

    Film promoted abroad with the support of MiBAC and SIAE,
    closed to the initiative "Sillumina - Private copy for young people, for culture"


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