by Marcello Sannino
A daily struggle, an endless effort day after scraping a living by having to exploit the immigrants who populate the maze of backstreets of Naples’s historic centre; a circle of hell where you can only get a resident’s permit if you are willing to pay to work.

Porta Capuana

by Marcello Sannino
"Who wants to know the Neapolitan populace really in all its habits between its virtues and its vices come to the Porta Capuana, the universal theater, the Cosmopolis of our people. Here there is neither night nor day”.
Open to the public by Silvia Bellotti

Open to the public

by Silvia Bellotti

The world of bureaucracy as a stage, where the employees of a public office grapple with a daunting task: getting the chaotic lives of users to mesh with the"perfect" gears of bureaucracy. 

 Volturno by Ylenia Azzurretti


by Ylenia Azzurretti

The rediscovery of one of Southern Italy’s major rivers, through the eyes of those close to it. Unlike its presumed image, changed, and somehow forgotten, the river Volturno flows, the world's last poem.   

 Sub tuum praesidium by Carlo Manzo and Francesco Romano

Sub tuum praesidium

by Carlo Manzo and Francesco Romano

A year in the life of an elderly family in a small town in the shadow of Monte Somma. An everyday life made of situations that are repeated as in a ritual. As long as two events do not break the illusory calm.

 Notes about my family by Caterina Biasiucci

Notes about my family

by Caterina Biasiucci

Through a synthesis of family archive images and places of today, intimacy and sweetness, conflicts of feelings that change in time an distance, the narration touchs the possible variations of the love discourse.

It can't always be summer by Margherita Panizon and Sabrina Iannucci

It can't always be summer

by Margherita Panizon and Sabrina Iannucci

“It can’t always be summer" is a documentary that examines the development of a group of teenage kids from the outskirts of Naples and their involvement in a theatre group.

 Pagani by Elisa Flaminia Inno


by Elisa Flaminia Inno

What is religion today? In Pagani, a small town around Vesuvio, a community of devotees to The Lady of the Hens keep ancient pagan traditions alive adapting them to a contemporary way.

 Beautiful things by Agostino Ferrente and Giovanni Piperno

Beautiful things

by Agostino Ferrente and Giovanni Piperno

Naples 1999-2009. What were the dreams of Neapolitan children? What happened to a dream when hopes are so few? Sadness, beauty and irony of the city in a film that recounts of the effort to become adult through the eyes of the kids. 

 The Secret by Cyop&Kaf

The Secret

by Cyop&Kaf

The children of the popular neighborhoods in Naples collect Christmas trees to celebrate the ritual of the bonfire of Saint Anthony. The vitality of a generation that finds its identity in obeying a law that no one has written.

 Second nature by Marcello Sannino

Second nature

by Marcello Sannino

It’s the Gerardo Marotta passionate life’s story, the president of italian institute for philosophical studies and a contemporary humanist. A struggle for social justice and the study as a crucial point for the evolution of the human being.

 Ropes by Marcello Sannino


by Marcello Sannino

Ciro is a young boxer who lives in Naples. The movie recounts the silences, the breathing, the bodies, the rings, Ciro’s tenderness in contrast to the bluntness of the boxing world.



by Gianluca Loffredo

The travel diary on a cargo ship, an escape from the mainland where memories return stronger than ever. A journey within a feeling common to every human being: the desire to feel elsewhere.


La fabbrica incerta

by Luca Rossomando

The everyday life inside and outside a car factory through the voices of eight workers: the weight of the economic crisis, the expectations and disappointments, the passions and the desires of everyone.


Renato Barisani

by Ivano De Simone and Mimmo Mocerino

The life of the Neapolitan artist told through his voice and those of insiders close to him. An exciting glimpse of the artist's approach to the city and his work.


Ars in the Tube

by Antonio Leto

The installation of the Salvator Rosa stop of the famous stations of the art of the Naples Metro. A reflection on the marriage between art and public work.



by Giulio Arcopinto and Antonella Di Nocera

A van crosses the province of Naples to project films for free. Told by the itinerant projectionist this is the story of ordinary people, small towns, love for cinema.

In progress

 Agalma by Doriana Monaco


by Doriana Monaco

Archeology is a protagonist through an excavation, a university class and a Museum, the national archeology Museum of Naples where Pompei remnants are kept for humanity.

The Mayor of rione Sanità

The Mayor of rione Sanità - Documentary

Rehearsals filmed by the students of FILMaP - Atelier di cinema del reale

Five young filmmakers film the preparation and staging of "Il Sindaco" at the NEST, a theater in the suburbs of Naples. San Giovanni is a tough district, more densely populated than Tokyo, the NEST is an active civil space, also born from the initiative of those who are now on stage.

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