written by Sabrina Iannucci and Laura Santelli
fiction, Italy

Tea and Caterina are two 25-year-old young women linked by unconditional love and an ambitious dream. Together they embody the restlessness of a generation divided between an uncertain future and the possibility of building a beginning, in a dreamed working universe and at the same time an emblem of hard work and constant precariousness: cinema. Their history and their growth path highlights the dualism of love, composed not only of authentic beauty but also of obsession and interdependence. The intent is to unleash immediate empathy and a deep involvement in the destinies of Tea and Caterina, through an intimate and shameless gaze. But not aimed at giving a superficial representation of the female sphere, on the contrary: the two protagonists are sentient, multidimensional, authentic people. Feelings are probed and questioned, and the narrated relationship will be sincere and connected to reality.

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