Lo stato sordo (The Deaf State)

by Silvia Bellotti
Documentary, Italy

After the enquiry about humanity and bureaucracy in the film Aperti al pubblico, the director goes back to investigate the role of the State in relation to citizenship of disabled people. It is aiming to be a delicate journey, with the softness of the camera that Silvia Bellotti can make use of, through the world of deaf people and their rights. Being deaf in a hearing world means living trying to fill a deficit of normality. The young deaf is constantly striving to use a communication system that does not belong to him, but the discovery of the “world of the deaf'' and the learning of LIS can be an unexpected and disruptive resource that will lead him to accept and claim his diversity. Does the State, through the hospital, school and social services, accompany or distance the deaf from this path of growth and maturation of identity? What is happening in Italy? The film will investigate and recount the stories of three characters.

Film in development with the support of Regione Campania Piano Cinema 2020 -  Slate Opera audiovisiva
And with the support of Rai Cinema

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