Yeast (Lievito)

by cyop&kaf
Documentary, Italy, 2021, 78’

Directed by cyop&kaf
Screenplay and photography cyop&kaf
Produced by Antonella Di Nocera
Editing Alessandra Carchedi
Sound editing and mix Massimo Mariani
Color correction and post production coordination Simona Infante
Original score Antonio Raia and Renato Fiorito
A production Parallelo 41
With the support of Regione Campania
With the collaboration of Fondazione Film Commission Regione Campania
Office Parallelo 41 Grazia De Micco, Claudia Canfora, Isabella Mari
Technical overflows Andrea Saggiomo
Insurance 3GF srl consulenze assicurative

Film distributed with the contribution of Regione Campania and Film Commission Regione Campania.
Annual operational plan for the promotion of film and audiovisual activities 2020-2021

A summer camp, a judo dojo, a theater workshop in a contemporary art museum. Relations between groups of children and adolescents and their adult guides; teaching methods and educational practices; materials and symbolic rules; relationships between the form of places and behaviors; the reverberation of what is learned in everyone's daily lives. An old super-eight projector, faded images on the wall, a puppet theater. The relationship between pupil and teacher, the transmission of knowledge, the experiences of a past that is only apparently distant in Naples, a city where school has never been the primary source of learning, nor has played a significant role in learning how to live. your social media marketing partner

Awards and Festivals

  • 39. Torino Film Festival


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80138 - Napoli

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