by Doriana Monaco

 Agalma  by Doriana Monaco
  • Documentary, Italy, 70'
  • Film developed as part of FILMaP - Atelier di cinema del reale
  • Directed by

    Doriana Monaco

  • Production

    Parallelo 41 Produzioni, co-produzione by LaDoc, Arci Movie, Museo MANN

The project was developed in “FilmaP - Center for training and film production” promoted in the Eastern outskirt of Napoli.

  • Synopsis

    Three spaces with a clear link but also three split microcosmos that become a stage where to make a material and "over-material" trip. Archeology is a protagonist through an excavation, a university class and a Museum, the national archeology Museum of Naples where Pompei remnants are kept for humanity.  It is the attempt to put these places together through the idea of the "fragment" that contains hypotheses and reconstructions, without yielding to the visual suggestions but maturing questions on the role of ancient art today.

    As graduated student in Ancient literature and specific passion an interest in Archeology and classical art, the director has been maturing the idea for this film since a long time, trying to create a dialogue between classical art and filmmaking, hoping and trusting the two worlds could feed up reciprocally. She is convinced that archaeology could be narrated not only in terms of scientific documentation, but also  into a form of creative documentary. Since then she was searching for a kind of narrative solution able to stand as skeleton of the film. 

    The project was developed in “FilmaP - Center for training and film production” promoted in the Eastern outskirt of Napoli.  Main partners are The National Archaeological Museum of Naples, the Archaeological Park of Cuma and the Humanities Department of the University of Studies Federico II of Naples who have well welcomed the project, giving opportunities for filming and enabling the director to meet many significant people who have a key role understanding processes and future ideas involved. In particular, the Museum Mann, is recently going through a phase of renovation and improvements in terms, not only of restoration and re-organization, but also in the idea of developing a new model of managing, much more concentrated on the idea of the MUSEUM as a living body in all its form of activities. This is giving a major perspective in the narration of the movie, as the fragments will become living fragments more than expected and produce new imaginary for the movie growth.  The statues and the archeological fragments are having the floating appearance of a an enchanted humanity. Moreover, in recent years, the archeological Musem has reached high standards and become one of the most visited museums in Italy. Its role will there for be eventually central in the narration, for representing the culminating point of the immense artistic and historical heritage present in its rooms. The film is currently in development and we are now participating in various competition for financial contribution as SIAE fund and Mibact - new fund for development. Shooting will take place with a minimum crew consisting of director, assistant director and sound engineer, a person of general organization, throughout 2018 with at least 3 days of shooting weekly and in relation to the places. One of the essential production values will be the possibility of setting up the work whenever it is appropriate, in a short time and always with high technical quality.  Moreover the Museum’s director is very enthusiastic of the project and he will be giving the chance to follow all processes of restorations taking place and all the changes and trips that the pieces for the Museum do along a year. Around 500 pieces from the collection are usually “travelling” hosted in other Museums or exhibition around the world. This idea of a continuous departure and arrival time make the Museum a fluid body completely different from the static idea we normally have of a museum.

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